The Accessibility Testing Standards

Testing For Web Accessibility

All WCAG Success Criteria are written as testable criteria for objectively determining if content satisfies them. While some of the testing can be automated using software evaluation programs, others require human testers for part or all of the test. Although content may satisfy the WCAG Success Criteria, the content may not always be usable by people with a wide variety of disabilities. Testing the WCAG Success Criteria involve a combination of automated testing and human evaluation. Therefore, usability testing is recommended, in addition to the required functional testing. Usability testing aims to determine how well people can use the content for its intended purpose. It is recommended that users with disabilities be included in test groups when performing usability testing. The accessibility of a web site is important for attracting customers, but the usability of the web site will determine the level of success in which customers engage your organization.

Web Accessibility Testing Strategies