Measuring Business Accessibility Success

Key Business Goals

The first step is in understanding your organization business values and go to market goals. The accessibility culture must be baked into the organization fabric.

  • Reach new markets
  • Maximise employee engagement and productivity
  • Provision high quality products and services
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Build partner and community relations
  • Minimise risk of legal action

Success Factors

A business case is a necessary tool for organizations when planning for success. Product design requires justification for dedicating financial and human resources. When accessibility is part of strategic planning, businesses are better equipped for success in our connected world of commerce and civic engagement. However, it is difficult to understand things that you haven’t measured. So, to measure your level of business success, you need to evaluate your business goals, your business values and your business targets.

Web accessibility is a public relations opportunity to increase your organization’s positive image, which can increase website use. When you make your content accessible to people with disabilities, you also Improved usability for all people, and you will improve the organization public image. Search Engine Optimization also benefits, as 21 of the 50 Mobile Web Best Practices overlap with the WCAG accessibility guidelines. That is, search engines cannot see the content in your images, cannot hear your audio and video content, cannot access information presented in some technologies, etc.
Build A Solid Foundation for SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements, Kim Krause Berg, January 2022.

Social Factors

  • Essential for diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Essential to close the Digital divide
  • Essential to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Financial Factors

  • Increases potential use by more people, and expands potential market share
  • Increases findability with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Increases potential use in more situations
  • Increases usability
  • Increases positive image
  • Decreases potential for high legal expenses
  • Decreases cost of alternative format materials
  • Decreases cost of translating
  • Decreases personnel costs

Technical Factors

  • Reduce Site Development and Maintenance Time
  • Reduce Bandwidth Use and Server Load
  • Enable Content on Different Configurations
  • Better Prepared for Advanced Web Technologies
  • Have High Quality Websites

Legal and Policy Factors

  • Risk of significant legal costs
  • Risk of negative impact on the organization’s reputation
  • Risk of lost consumers, and market sectors