Equality: From Chaos To Stability

Stability Is Satisfaction

  • Equality: Social justice and Equal opportunities; achieve wealth, prestige, power.
  • The Digital Divide: From chaos to stability (Stability is Satisfaction).
  • The Barriers: Collaborative processes and top down innovation (Attitude, Policies, Behavior).
  • Designing For Dignity: The digital revolution has imposed unprecedented pressures upon organizations, and has disrupted the traditional management model. The struggle for competitive advantage has forced organizations to respond to the rapid changes in technology innovation and human rights demands. This has had a huge impact on the health of Canadian workers, and has resulted in systemic barriers in the job market for blind persons.

The Design Challenge

Do diversity inclusion and accommodation programs equalize the workplace for blind employees? Is separate but equal acceptable? Universal design must consider, not just products and services, but also management and human resource processes.
Bridging the divide between Leadership understanding of accessibility and management implementation of accessibility is often the battle ground of Employment policies and real life experiences. Should accessibility barriers be the causality for job dismissal?

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