Defining Employee Expectations

The Employee Accessibility Strategies

Many disabled employees face deeply frustrating challenges in the day-to-day working lives. Showing these to senior managers is often a powerful way of bringing home both how easy it is to inadvertently present barriers to customers and staff, and how these barriers can have a very substantial negative effect.

Actions To Consider

  • Create easy and effective employee feedback mechanisms to continuously improve processes.
  • Periodic surveys of entire workforce.
  • Dedicated surveys of disability network.
  • Ask employees with disabilities to assist you in the development and testing of products and services.
  • Reasonable adjustments and accommodations workplace assessment process.
  • Recruitment, training, and career development processes.
  • Disability network focus groups. Include disabled employees in a Business Resource Group (BRG) to help guide business go to market strategies.
  • Disability Confidence Training. Allow the disabled employees Diversity Group to share experiences through webinars, videos, and lunch and learn sessions.
  • NSITE: A Vision for Talent – Your Talent Management Solution
  • CCRW: Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work